Saturday, April 30, 2011

back on track

Both worked today! I decided to combine things so that my basic plan of fitting certain things into each week will work, perhaps!

Chapiro and I walked down the track to the bottom field and the field shelter, where we stopped for a good ten minutes and worked on some neck massage into head down, walk on, back etc with the lead resting on his neck. He was pretty settled and I felt he was happy enough to stay with me. I did spoil it (doh) by asking him to go round the bottom track which takes him further away from home and he was getting quite stressy so we turned for home and got the calmness back. I will be interested to see how this improves.

 Moo had a very chilled ridden session in the school, slightly sticky when we turned down the track afterwards but he walked happily on a long rein (even past the five nosey cows who were standing not a foot from the fence line) and only tried to jog a couple of times.

Good day all round.


hilaryc said...

was just checking your blog, seeing how things were going - hope you had a good easter.
I've been taking Isabella out in hand down the lane - forgot how crook I had been and how little she had been out. She needs to move when anxious - going in fron of me, I wold ask her to turn, so she ended up on my other side - then we c/t trying to touch noses with the piglets at the my friends house,
Glad to see you are still around on EE

trudi said...

Hi Hilary, thanks for popping by! Yes I'm still around EE, I miss the chance of feedback now so many have jumped ship so decided I'd better get back to how this all started, my blogger blog. I'm not sure Chapiro could cope with pigs lol, he's a little concerned about the cows even.

hilaryc said...

Yes, it's a real shame .
Think Isabella was more concerned about the sheep - in her world , woolly things have long necks ( ie alpacas) so thr sheep seemed really weird to her!!

I find it interesting there are 2 different types of problems going away from home. Lottie goes really slowly ( used to stop) , then walks
much quicker home ( ridden)). Then Isabella ( in hand) - her stress going away means she has to move, whilst going towards home she will walk as slow as you like by my side/

trudi said...

Yes that's like mine Hilary. Moo is a lot like Lottie and Chapsi more like Isabella.

Claire said...

i've generally had horses terrified of pigs (one cracked collarbone trying to get first horse past pig farm has put me off them as well, LOL)