Sunday, October 3, 2010

warm n' windy

An unseaonably warm (24 degrees!) but windy day today. This morning I spent some time teaching Lydia the finer points of French equitation (allegedly) because she is constantly being 'nagged' at the club about how she rides (of course being biased I think she's brill); after team silver in the dressage (at the WEG in Kentucky) and tonight's gold in eventing I can safely say that British equestrianism ain't that bad Mme Monitrice!!! Well we did a little turning with the nails skywards and the inside rein opening and a few slight adjustments to her leaning back (mmm, that may get her in more hot water as they lean back a lot here) and she made a good little picture by the end of 30 minutes. To be honest I hate to teach her, I'm fully aware that I obsess about position and I want her to have fun not be a dressage queen.
Chapiro and Moo both worked well in hand and gave me a lovely sunday feel.


Di said...

Good for you, working in that weather! It was the same here, blowing a gale, I'm afraid I gave it a miss.

SheilaF said...

Well for once we have had some nice weather. Sunny and WARM! Took advantage and worked Flight on the lunge - lots of transitions, spirals and just in general getting her moving forward from that wonderful big rear end. Then we practiced loading in our new trailer! Wee-e-e- what fun! C-G took all in his stride and was more interested in the treats; but Flight, being Flight, ran in and ran out. Didn't even stop for the treats! Might have to work on that - tomorrow if weather holds!