Thursday, October 21, 2010

all that jazz

Mr Frost finally made his appearance but the ensuing sun earned him instant forgiveness!
Moo started in hand, working on the travers/half pass with some good results. Lots of rein back and transitions on the lunge to finish.
Chapsi walked out inhand for the second time this week and we went just a little further into unknown territory, he behaved perfectly and I shall be doing more of this over the winter, combined with some fittening lunge work and the occasional sit on to monitor progress.
I finished the day with a jazz dance class, I think I may have come home with the wrong legs! Great way to exercise and will be going again if I can find my legs!


bellecroix said...

Jazz dance sounds great fun Trudi
I think I could manage the jazz hands LOL

HorseOfCourse said...

Haha, it's about time you get some chilly mornings too!!
And good luck with the jazz, sounds like great fun ;-)