Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This afternoon I started with Chapsi in-hand, some flexion and head down and then into the walk on. I don't want him sniffing sand but just enough to relax his neck and stretch over his back; he's getting the hang of it and it's transferring to the ridden work now. Today I picked up the schooling whip once on board as I've been working on desensitizing him on the ground with it; he didn't take any notice even when I changed hands and it's not even a riding whip but a pretty long in-hand one, so I was pretty pleased with that. Lots of transitions and working on the forwards energy, as you could see from his spook he isn't that energetic about things and I feel the Iberian in him is hiding for now!!!

Moralejo worked on slow, slow, slow in the trot and lots of rein back. This is by no means collection work, purely slowing the trot and keeping him off my hands so that at SOME point, if we keep progressing, we will be able to develop the trot into something worthwhile. I have to say it's not always easy to keep patient through this work as it isn't consistent as yet but he just feels so much better. There's a tiny bit of vid here and for comparison here is an old vid (for my reference) of a broken pone earlier in the year. After 30 mins school work we went down the field and cantered up the field a couple of times :-) both canter leads felt strong and we both enjoyed the feeling!



Claire said...

looking good. and i love your subtitles!

Danni said...

Thank you for posting that, those good moments look really good indeed! Moo is luffly and you can see him really trying for you :) Where you are with him really mirrors where I am with Quadi, your video is really helpful to watch. And the subtitles are a fab idea!

You must be chuffed with young Chapsi too!

trudi said...

Thanks guys, the subtitles are a real help when I'm looking back over vids. In the past I've had a vid discussed on other forums where I had no right to reply and I doubt they read the original posts to go with the vids so by putting subtitles on I can get my point over in the rare case that anyone who doesn't know me happens upon it.