Friday, September 10, 2010

bunkin' off

Well what a lovely surprise! On the anniversary of twenty two years of wedded bliss I was given the day off! I caught the boys up and brought them in for a good groom and a lot of cuddles and scratches, couldn't resist a Lydia like leap on to Chapsi for a 'proper' cuddle....omg are horses good for the soul!!! I was then taken to St Jean de Cole for a pucker lunch and an amble around it's delightful cobbled lanes. I'm now listening to a Maroon 5 concert whilst typing this (missed it last night, thank goodness for the iplayer) and will leave shortly to take Lydia to her first 'double poney' lesson at the club, BIG PONIES Chapsi is already lost!


allhorsestuff said...

Oh so many well wishes for your bliss from here!!!
Excellent times...very cool!
Horses and wonderful hudband s....great for the soul!
( right behind you, next mo, 21 for us )

Claire said...

happy anniversary, albeit late!

Di said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a lovely day!!! xx