Me and My Boys

Moralejo is a PRE who I've had since 2003, he's a quirky character but just lovely to be around. He's now helping my daughter transition to horses after the sad loss of her pony.

Chapiro is also PRE, he came to me in 2007 as a baby and he's been my clicker training, bitless project.

After growing up in the saddle it was no great surprise, that once my budget allowed, I bought back into the life with a TB just off the track. It was a big disaster but it started me back on the quest for knowledge and has led me through the traditional worlds of showjumping and dressage to a place of bitless and clicker training of classical based principles.

I currently live in the south west of France with my family and equines but we are planning to return to the UK soon after nearly a decade away.

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