Tuesday, June 12, 2012

thundering hooves

The boys are in our most distant paddock, it's our largest and sits on a steep hill. Tonight, standing at the top of the hill by the shelter, I whistled for them to come. Not a sign of them for a few seconds but then thundering hooves were joined by mad galloping Spaniards with manes on end and nostrils flared. It's a fine sight and lifts your heart, makes you happy that they are are so keen to be first to get there and see you.
After some serious bum scratching (they stand bum to bum in a V shape so I can do both at once) we played double clicking. I love the motivation of playing together. Chapiro can't even bear to be distracted from the task when he has competition for being top man! Polite distance, walking on, halting and backing and then goodnight cuddles.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where does the time go

Where the heck does time go? I've been a rubbish blogger lately; must do better!
Sometimes the motivation just ain't there to tap tap one's horsey goings on and sometimes there just ain't any goings on!
I have been busy though, trying to sell the house means even more mowing and strimming than usual and I've written a baroque dressage test for Interdressage (big thanks to Karina Hawkridge for taking that one on), you can see it here.
The boys are rather 'soft' round the edges but when Lydia and I have had a chance to work them they've been total stars.
I shall try to be more active here again, it' a great place to get your head square so back soon.