Wednesday, March 21, 2012

over and over

Well we've been busy working on the property, making it beautiful for someone else! Still managing to fit some time in with the horses and had a good week-end with Lydia riding Moo out on their first hack, me on shank's though!! Sunday I gave her a little lesson and she's coping very well with him, the rising trot is coming and whilst he looks like he's about to disappear at a rate of knots he never does, being a mum is tricky in these situations. I hacked Moo out a few times last week and he was a superstar, I just need to keep him fit enough whilst Lydia is at school so light school work and a little hacking should do the job. Chapiro and I have played with our liberty again! I keep going back over this work because there is a niggle. Trouble is I'm not sure what it is but it's there I just know it is. I've gone right back again to the keeping his distance but keeping tuned to me and going for mega clicks for the basics to really make sure I haven't messed up there. I had a lovely session with him yesterday, it felt like we could one day dance in a true partnership. Video shows us picking up some basics for turn on the haunches, early days but I think he's getting it.

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Di said...

Hehe, like it, some nifty movement there! :-)