Saturday, February 19, 2011

easing the boredom on a wet day


Claire said...

love it!

love Chapsi's slight "appy" look as he starts to grey out in spots!

and how do you keep the camera dry?

bellecroix said...

I want 2 pones then I could do this ;-(

trudi said...

I do love his colour at the moment Claire,won't last :( the camera was pointed out of the mizzle/drizzle and seemed not to mind...don't tell Patrick mind!!!

Bev, they are so much fun together, I'm crap but they're great!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh-that was so adorable indeed!
I love how they only take one or two steps!!!
This is so difficult for my mare...she moves-so-much!
The rolling behind, as you worked in front of the camera..really made me laugh it up. Trotting off together at the end-perfect.
This looks to be a good raining day activity!