Thursday, March 11, 2010

hard graft

But sadly not of the horse kind. Being stuck in another cold spell, where it struggles to get into the positives even after lunch, has made working the boys somewhat unenticing. Coupled with the need to get them turned out together which is now  achieved. Then  finally down to the decent grass today ;boy did they have smiles on their faces :-) so it's been a productive week but not in terms of working.

Lots of spook busting for Chapsi as we have had deliveries of aggragates for garden paths and greenhouse footings. He makes me smile as he first backs off and then races to the piles of stone to 'touch' when asked; he's still guarding the pone but not in any way nasty to Moo, who being a hungry horse just carries on grazing in his nonchalant way. They're out from dawn to dusk so no big worries that they haven't worked this week yet!

Ah yes, garden! Well we finally prepared the back of the stables for grass sowing and have dug over a good bit of garden for veggies, the greenhouse will, hopefully, get it's glass back soon and will be standing on a hard surface ready for get ripe quicker toms, yum, can't wait for summer.

So my back aches from digging and weeding but it all looks very tidy, just need Christophe to come (only six months late so far) to finish the hardstanding outside the stables and we'll be done. Now I have to wade through the hundreds (well it seems like it) of forms for the planning permission for the shelter in the bottom fields...this will give me the choice to have 24/7 turnout next winter. Just waiting to get the price for erecting the shelter and then I'll fill in the blasted forms, better go rest my eyes then!!


Claire said...

sounding good...

don't forget the uprights to tie the tomatoes to :-)

Danni said...

Pleased to hear there have been no dramas in the paddock.

Garden sounds fab, roll on summer!

Had to chuckle about your workman being late, from what I hear it's very much the norm where you are?

bellecroix said...

We must all be on the same wavelength I have been buying hedging not got round to the digging bit yet!! maybe I should have a digging party:-)

HorseOfCourse said...

Grass sowing??